Carolina Montelongo, Public Relations Coordinator

Photo Carolina Montelongo

Public Affairs Office

Carolina Montelongo was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She graduated from Metropolitana University, Caracas, with a BA in Modern Languages in 2017. Pursuing her passion for storytelling, she relocated to Miami, Florida, to earn her Master's in Multimedia Journalism.

She worked as a Radio Host for Radio Caracol and then at the U.S. Agency for Global Media for four years. Here, she contributed to providing free press to Cubans facing oppression under the Castro Dictatorship. Carolina's dedication to journalism led her to obtain a talent visa, allowing her to pursue her dreams of working and continuing to live in the United States.

Carolina saw that misinformation was a big issue in the Latino community. So, she created @Caconews as a space where people can get reliable information. Through that platform, she takes on the role of a truth-seeker, deciphering complex news and laws and ensuring that the content she creates clarifies and positively contributes to the Latino community.

In June 2023, Carolina started a new professional adventure as a Public Relations Coordinator at the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office. She's committed to bringing the Hispanic community and law enforcement closer together by making helpful content and sharing educational information with the Latin community.

Outside of her professional life, Carolina has dedicated part of her life to dancing flamenco and playing volleyball. She also shares a passion for traveling with her husband and practicing CrossFit.